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I come from a proud family of hard workers. My grandparents and parents alike taught me to do my best at whatever I chose to do. I have worked countless hours as a volunteer trying to better the lives of others. Not only do I want to work for you, I also want to work with you by depleting Suicide among our adolescents and young adults through the reforming of Mental Healthcare, and by eradicating Veteran Homelessness as well as fighting for Fair Voting Rights.  

Standing in Unity through the Bond of Peace!




What are your thoughts on COVID-19?

Everyone should have the right to choose to receive or to denounce the Covid-19 vaccination. However, the safety of all should be the essence of our choices. Many individuals refuse to obtain the Covid-19 vaccination and many of these same individuals refuse to wear a mask. Selfish and or ignorant negligence can be the destroyer of many. Let's understand the precautions of this silent killer and work on solutions together that will keep us all safe! Many are destroyed due to the lack of knowledge, let's be responsible and do the right thing. Sylvia supports voluntary vaccinations, the wearing of mask and believes in following the instructions provided by the CDC. Sylvia will work to ensure that our kids and loved ones are safe during these unprecedented times. 

What are your thought on housing and Infrastructure?  

All Georgians should have the ability to compete for housing within their economic means on a fair and equitable basis without discrimination due to disability, race, sex, color, national origin, religion, or familial status. The present infrastructure in many of our communities need development, revitalization and modernization. Sylvia will work diligently to ensure that individuals will receive fair treatment when purchasing or renting a home, apartment or condominium. Sylvia will work to ensure that communities will receive high-speed internet as well as the repairing of roads and power lines. 

Do you have an opinion on the right to vote?  

Racial discrimination within voting practices were banned in 1965, we can not allow such atrocities to return. Sylvia supports the Freedom to Vote Act, and she believes in fair voting practices.  Sylvia will work to dismantle voter suppression and she will work nonstop to ensure that individuals are registered to vote and that voter rights are protected. One of the most important aspect of incorporating the voices of all citizens into the legislature, is guaranteeing that citizens that belong to racial and linguistic minority groups can freely and equally participate in elections. In the U.S., no piece of legislation has been more important in ensuring voting rights to previously disenfranchised groups than the Voting Rights Act of 1965. The Voting Rights Act of 1965 guarantees the right to vote to racial, ethnic and language minority citizens. Section 2 of the Voting Rights Act is particularly important as it prohibits minority vote dilution through tactics, legislation, situations, etc. that weaken the voting strength of minorities. It also prevents municipalities from enacting practices designed to give minorities an unfair chance to elect candidates of their choice and is enforceable nationwide (FairVote). 

What about juvenile justice? 

It is important to reduce confinement, improve correctional conditions as well as reinvesting in community-based programs that includes evidence-based solutions for repeat offenders. Sylvia supports evidence based programs to encourage and deter our youth from committing crimes. She also supports programs to prevent recidivism and she will work to incorporate evidence based programs as well as fair and legal practices within correctional facilities. 

Can you elaborate on your position for Senior Care?

I believe that there should be an expansion for quality home-based care for our seniors and disabled and there should be an increase in the income caps to provide needed healthcare, dental and rental assistance for our seniors as well as funding to assist with quality daily care, meal preparation, house cleaning and medication distribution. Our Seniors should not choose between eating a healthy meal or paying their rent.  They should not be forced to go into a nursing in order to receive assistance with daily living activities. I will work to increase Medicaid coverage for our seniors with and without healthcare. I will work to ensure that they receive quality care rather in their own home or in a Senior Care facility. I will work to protect the lives of our Seniors!

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