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Sylvia Bennett is energetic, ambitious, dedicated, and caring she has developed a mature and responsible approach to any task that she undertakes or situation that she’s presented with. Sylvia is excellent in working with others to achieve objectives on time with excellent results.  She has the reputation of speaking the truth with love, her motto is "Full Transparency".  

Sylvia's a daughter of a Veteran, a niece of a Vietnam Vet, a sister of a Marine Vet, and a wife of an Army Veteran who attended Desert Shield/Desert Storm serving more than 20 years in the United States Army. She is also a mother of a retired soldier who also served in the United States Army.  She has worked many years as a Social Worker, working with the court system to better households and family structures as well as worked within the correctional system creating programs to prevent recidivism. 


As your Senator she will focus on the pulse of our community and fight for causes that matter and influence the health and wellbeing of our community not just big businesses!

Sylvia is an Ordained Minister that serves as a role model for women and continues to work as an advocate for abused women, poverty awareness, education, self-esteem building, relationship building, and life coaching.  She is the epitome of a strong leader that does not shy away from difficult situations. She has also worked diligently within the correctional organization to prevent recidivism in Louisville, Ky. 

Sylvia started her community service working as a women's advocate with the RedCross, AER, and the USO in Baumholder Germany. She has served in many leadership capacities within neighborhood development organizations. Sylvia is the Founder of Project Female which has been in existence for more than 15 years.  Sylvia is a published author of several children's books such as Little Rafie Goes To Grandma’s House and Little Rafie Goes to Preschool. Sylvia is also the author of Silent Voices Trapped Behind the Bandages, 1st and 2nd editions.

Professionally Sylvia worked as a Senior Social Worker for more than 8 years, due to Sylvia's career success she was featured in a.b.c's Primetime Live documentary. Sylvia continues to pursue her education at Southern New Hampshire University in expectation of obtaining her Ph.D. in Psychology. 

Sylvia has traveled the world with her husband Robert working diligently for the communities that she lived in. Robert and Sylvia have been married for more than 30 years and together share 3 beautiful adult children and 3 God-given grandchildren. Sylvia relocated to Canton, Georgia in 2016  due to Roberts' employment with Dobbins Airforce Base and has enjoyed being involved in her community and working with her local HOA board to ensure community revitalization and development. Robert and Sylvia both believe in America and in District 32.

District 32

Standing in Unity through the Bond of Peace!



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